Exploring the California coast on a journey to visit the Grandparents. We shot out of Vancouver like a bat out of hell and didn’t stop until we graced San Francisco with our presence. We saw mislabeled bridges, prisons on islands, yellow non-submarines, and consumed some very tasty grub on our expedition. One random event let us to stumble into a surf magazine launch in the art district of LA. Inspiration that will definitely be seen in future collections.


Glorious San Francisco Bay.


Sourdough…a bit of a love/hate relationship.


Alegrias. ‘Sangria’, from the Spanish restaurant that changed my life.


Droppin some greenbacks.


Omri’s checkin out a mislabeled bridge. We searched everywhere and didn’t see one spec of gold on a gate.


Rivets galore…without any gold.


A good view of the RED gate bridge.


We saw a Yellow non-submarine patrolling an empty prison on an island. Weird.


Time for some cookies and cream.


Good-bye San Francisco.


Hello Matador Beach, LA.


Korea town Korean BBQ…deliciousness. It changed my life.


We found the art district in LA for some inspiration.


Magazine launch? Yes…yes we are on the list.


This fish was actually gold.


Is that really what Naval bases are supposed to look like?


The San Diego beaches are beautiful


Ruthy and Izzy. Mission completed.